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Yupi Studios is excited to acquire new customers by offering amazing yearly-plans to take care of your company mobile division. We do not only develop your app, we maintain it and aggregate value!


Yupi Studios is a startup focused on creative content for smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and social networks. We develop apps, games and innovative solutions for main platforms in the mobile market: iOS, Android and Windows Mobile.

Why Us?

Since 2011, Yupi Studios offers amazing plans to take care of your company’s mobile needs: we do not only develop your app or game, we maintain it and aggregate value.

Unlike working with freelancers, you receive tons of related services included for free in our partnership. We have know-how about UI/UX, analytics-driven development, distribution and monetization, and we’re glad to help you succeed on every detail of your mobile approach.

And finally, Yupi Studios has a great competitive advantage: we can achieve the same quality of top american developers for a much lower rate!

Project Management

  •   with daily feedback (e-mail)
  •   task following (Trello)
  •   weekly meeting with the customer (Skype)

Consulting / Support

  •   App Analytics (Flurry is our preferable tool)
  •   Monetization
  •   Monday to Friday, 40 hours per week, through phone and/or Skype

Art Direction

  •   suggestions and brand-new creations to the customer



Earth to Luna!

Android Game

Earth to Luna!

Fans of the animated series Earth to Luna! will have fun interacting with their favorite characters: Luna, Jupiter and Clyde in this incredible colorful app full of animations and music videos!

Get it on Google Play

Playing with Animazoo

Android Game

Playing with Animazoo

The most interesting and involving in Animazoo's game is that parents can interact constantly with your children and can play too, building with them the plays, turning the playtime into something fun for all the family!

Get it on Google Play

Go Surf!

Android Game

Go Surf!

Fun and learning resumes this game, which is full of new things to unite parents and children. In Go Surf! The player will live the adventures of a Surf tournament with phases in various brazilian beaches, having to defeat various dificulty levels.

Get it on Google Play

Optimize with Brian Johnson

iOS App

Optimize with Brian Johnson

"I love wisdom. A lot. And, I love helping people optimize their lives so we can change the world together as I study, embody and teach the fundamentals of optimal living—integrating ancient wisdom + modern science + common sense + virtue + mastery + fun."

Yupi Studios developed the iOS App for the Brian Johnson Optimal Living Program.


iOS/Android Game


This is the first game Yupi Studios bring together with Tapjoy, the mobile marketing and monetization leader. Yupies are pets from outer space that you should take good care!

The game brings back the passion for virtual pets, now with unique features smartphones provide. It has all the essential elements needed to become popular especially among children.

Yupies is already available worldwide on both iOS and Android platforms. You can download it for FREE and buy several items for your pet like food, drink, clothes and toys. Enjoy it!

  • Available App Store
  • Coming Soon Android
  • Amazon Store


iOS App


Bring the power of HubSpot with you anywhere. You'll be able to easily view and manage your marketing efforts on the go with our powerful, integrated app. Never again be away from your most important marketing data.

Hold the rich data from your HubSpot account in the palm of your hand:
- Track your current month's progress for generating visits and leads.
- Analyze which marketing campaigns for your site, blog, social media accounts, and mail campaigns are producing the best results.
- Grade how your marketing is performing instantly.

View leads in real time to connect with your most important prospects faster:
- Get push notifications for new leads as they come in.
- Easily review and forward leads to your sales reps.
- Connect with leads through our integration with your phone and email apps.

Engage with your audience on social media in real-time:
- Choose when you'd like to post your updates, either right away or schedule them for later.
- Determine the right platform for your message, using a combination of Twitter, Facebook profiles, Facebook pages, LinkedIn personal profiles, and LinkedIn groups.
- Craft beautiful messages by including pictures and videos to dazzle your audience

  • Available App Store

Race Weather

iOS App


Race Weather is an application for IOS (smartphones and tablets) that provides information about races and as well as the weather during these events, and can also be used as a forecasting app conventional time.


Web Games


Yupi Studios already produced two games for Red Bull that are available for employees at in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

These games were added to a major project developed by GPSoluções.


Android Apps


We've developed several corporate apps for Sebrae, a large brazilian company


Android App


LazerBR is one of Yupi Studios first customers.It's a brazilian group of websites that shows concerts, parties, movies and other events that are happening on several brazilian cities.

Yupi Studios developed their Android app, which is FREE and already available on Google Play. It is compatible with almost all Android smartphones and tablets.

Enjoy it!

  • Coming Soon Android

Our Clients

Yupi Play

TV PinGuim









Participants, Yupi Studios, Partner with Tapjoy for Mobile App Marketing

Participants, Yupi Studios, Partner with Tapjoy for Mobile App Marketing

Founded in Brazil by second generation Start-Up Chile participants, Erisvaldo Junior and Marcus Vinicius, Yupi Sudios, a startup focused on creative content for mobile devices, is proud to announce that they've initiated an official partnership with Tapjoy's a leader in mobile application marketing for developing and monetizing games, especially those utilizing the freemium model...

Start-Up Chile Holds Its First Demo Day In San Francisco

Start-Up Chile Holds Its First Demo Day In San Francisco

Start-Up Chile is an accelerator program that is financed by the Chilean government and meant to jumpstart the tech community in the South American country. Today, the program is holding its first demo day in San Francisco. What's especially interesting about Start-Up Chile is that the program, which started in 2010 and has already graduated four classes, isn't just trying to attract Chilean entrepreneurs...

Canadian Digital Media Network hosts Brazil's Yupi Studios for a visit to the Waterloo Region

Canadian Digital Media Network hosts Brazil's Yupi Studios for a visit to the Waterloo Region

WATERLOO REGION, ON, July 22, 2013 /CNW/ - In recognition of being selected Best Startup at the inaugural Brazil-Canada 3.0 conference last December, Yupi Studios has come to town for a busy week of mentoring, networking and collaboration.

The visit, which takes place from July 21 to 31 at the Communitech Hub, was facilitated by the Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) and funded by OpenText, Canada's largest software company.

Hosting the Brazilian startup is part of a broader strategy to support international trade and cooperation between emerging technology companies, both at home and abroad.

"Bringing innovators and technology startups together with like-minded Canadian companies to create jobs and growth is our government priority, " said the Honourable Ed Fast, Canada's Minister of International Trade. "Brazil-Canada 3.0 is helping building those important ties to foster innovation and create opportunities in both our countries and in international markets."...

Yupi Studios: the startup from Paraíba, Brazil that blazed Canada

Yupi Studios: the startup from Paraíba, Brazil that blazed Canada

The Brasil Canadá 3.0 meeting was worth a lot to the entrepreneu Erisvaldo Júnior: Yupi Studios, the game developer he commands, won the category of best startup, in December 2012. The prize was to meet some startups there in the nothern hemisphere, on a series of tranning sessions by Communitech, a NGO that supports tech companies. He did the visit recently and told us in details how the experience unfolded on a daily basis.


Trabajamos con tarifa horaria para nuestros desarrolladores y artistas. La tasa depende de la duración del contrato y de la cantidad de personas necesarias, como se describe en la siguiente tabla. Solicitar un presupuesto ahora!


  • 3+ months
  • 1 Tech Lead (INCLUDED)
  • UI/UX, Analytics, Back-end, Distribution, Monetization, Support and Prototypes (INCLUDED)
  • 2+ Developers (40 hours/week)
  • 1+ Designers/Artists (20 hours/week)


  • 4+ months
  • 1 Tech Lead (INCLUDED)
  • UI/UX, Analytics, Back-end, Distribution, Monetization, Support and Prototypes (INCLUDED)
  • 1 Developer (40 hours/week)
  • 1 Designer/Artist (optional, 20 hours/week)


  • 1+ months
  • 1 Tech Lead (INCLUDED)
  • UI/UX, Analytics, Back-end, Distribution, Monetization, Support and Prototypes (INCLUDED)
  • 1+ Developers (40 hours/week)
  • 1+ Designer/Artist (optional, 20 hours/week)



Erisvaldo Júnior

Executive Director

Erisvaldo Júnior (Executive Director)

Bachelor of Computer Science (UFPB) technologist and Internet Systems (IFPB). Has over five years of experience with mobile development, having worked as a researcher in the area of Educational LabTEVE Mobile Games and as Researcher / Developer in LAViD, participating in the development of the Ginga (Java) emulator and mobile apps and Digital TV. Today is the Executive Director of Yupi Studios, minister of training and development for mobile devices is visiting professor of courses Postgraduate Mobile.

Marcus Oliveira

Art Director

Marcus Oliveira (Art Director)

Over 10 years of experience as a designer and works for Hewlett-Packard, Shell, Velodea Media, among others. Updated with the market, focusing on design and concept of new interfaces, a comprehensive portfolio shows versatility as Creative Director of various projects of different segments, currently working on projects in the Mobile Yupi Studios.

Humberto Júnior

Lead Artist / Illustrator

Humberto Júnior (Lead Artist / Illustrator)

Professional production of artistic pieces, focusing on illustration and digital modeling. Creativity and dedication has been employed in the hard work done, such as visual programming applications for mobile devices and personal computers, and the Yupies Yupi Studios game of his latest project.

Ivan Quirino

Lead Developer

Ivan Quirino (Lead Developer / Systems Administrator)

Full stack Web developer and systems and network administratator, enthusiastic about new technologies for the Web and scalable distributed systems. Hardcore gamer and loves music.

Petrus Carvalho

Lead Developer

Petrus Carvalho (Lead Developer)

Summary of my life is software development, learning new technologies, movies/series, sports and music. I'm also a guitar player in a rock band. I work with software development since 2013, with a high interest on challenges.

Kennety Silva

Game Developer

Kennety Silva (Game Developer)

Enthusiast of mobile and games development. Likes playing guitar.

Gustavo Mazzotti

Game Developer

Gustavo Mazzotti (Game Developer)

Specialize and get knowledge to offer my services as game developer.

Roberta Lessa

Financial Administrator

Roberta Lessa (Financial Administrator)

Degree in Accounting, with post-graduate tax management, labor and social security. Financial experience, focusing on performing projection and organization of accounts payable according to projected cash flow. Analyze the area indicators and create action plan to ensure the achievement of goals. Responsible for controlling and accounting procedures.

Marisardo Filho
CEO / Creative Director

Zug Studios is a Yupi Studios' branch, focused on offering mobile development services for the Canadian Market. Our main task is to provide quality apps and games for users and customers. Our team consists of Information Technology and design specialized professionals, all having degree, master's degree or Phd in the area.

CONTACT US: / 55 (83) 3247-0106 / 55 (83) 98876-6667



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